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First agreement signed

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Norway Naturals have signed an agreement with Espère Global both on financing of algae ropes and sale of secondary raw material to be used in production of fish feed, cattle feed, natural fertilizers and human food / supplements though their eco-system of businesses. Espère Global… Les mer »First agreement signed

License for production

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We was awarded license for production of 300 tons in Sørreisa, Norway on September 5th, 2022. The localion has very favorable sunlight, good water exchange and access to nutrient-rich water from, among other things, farming in Solbergfjorden and Tranøyfjorden. When using cultured rope netting with… Les mer »License for production

Norway Naturals is established

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On May 27th 2020 we established Norway Naturals to produce ingredients for supplements based on plants and crops in our local area. Trond Solstrand was appointed as Chairman of the board, with Ole Ovesen and Kenneth Ruud as board members.

Property for our process facility bought

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Out mother company Bioform AS bought the property for our process facility at the harbor of Sørreisa. Norway Naturals AS will buy the property before the building is started.