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Revolutionizes The Processing of Naturals

Immerse yourself into the world of natural raw materials made by our beautiful nature and transformed so all the essential ingredients come to use at it fullest! This is our daily passion!!!


Processing naturals is part of our life

Living in the harsh part of the world, North of the Polar Circle, we feel the nature each day. It’s not like the city life most people now live, many never get outside the cities even. In generations we have lived from the nature and with it. We have learned how to handle life generation after generation. We use this knowledge to produce the best ingredients possible to compensate for the growing lack of nutrients in the “food” offered.

Processed Naturals is the best ingredients

Why choose naturals from Norway?

Clean Oceans

Far up in North the winters are dark and cold, the summers are bright and long and our oceans are the cleanest.

Clean Air

Our air is as clean as it can be and we feel the nature when the winter storms are blowing.

Clean Naturals

If you are looking for clean naturals and ingredients of the highest quality, then you must look to us.

Innovative Technology

For more than 20 years our mother company Bioform AS have produced the best supplements possible. Based on their experience we have developed innovative technology to process naturals of the very highest standards.

High Quality Production

Since 2020 we have developed new productions methods and new machines to process naturals in the most sustainable and innovative way possible. We have had our product developers and engineers to seek and travel the globe for the best possible quality in processing naturals.

Sustainable Processing

When developing our new way of processing naturals we have had sustainability in our forehead.

This has also been our focus when we now have our highest focus on processing algae harvested in our “backyard”.

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We want to produce the best supplements and food from natural ingredients. The choice was very easy when we met Norway Naturals!

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